Reading: Mole and the Baby Bird   genre: animal fantasy

Skills: /ou/ spelled ou (our, mouth, house, ouch, round)
          syllables Vowel-consonant-Vowel
Comprehension skill: sequence

We will start a chapter on place value. Students will also learn how to add double digit             addition without regrouping.
Science rotations: We are finishing our science unit on habitats. We will display all of our work at Open House. Please plan to visit the classroom on May 29th.

Sight Word Clubs:
Congratulations to all of the sight word champions! 22 out of the 25 students have mastered all of the first grade sight words! Thanks for your support! We will continue to encourage those who are ready to move up the sight word clubs. A third of the class is ready to test on the 400 sight word list!!  Very impressive!!

Field Trip
: Our trip is on Thursday, May 15. We have over 15 parent attending! Thank you ! We will try to have as many parents go on the bus. If you prefer to follow us in your car that would be perfect. Remember, no siblings are allowed to go on our trip. Please bring your own lunch and if you want to order from the cafeteria, Monday is the last day you can purchase
 a sack lunch.

Reading: Tippy-toe Chick, Go! genre: animal fantasy
phonics: ou spelled with ow sound (brown, owl, clown, etc)
              syllables and consonant + le ending
comprehension: compare and contrast

Math: Finishing shapes, equal shares (fractions),

Reading: Story of the week: Henry and Mudge  and Mrs. Hopper's House
                                          genre: realistic fiction
skills: words with suffixes -ly and -ful
         /u/ spelled oo (fool, pool, boot, moon)

comprehension skill: cause and effect

Homework: Complete timed reading, decodable reading, story of the week and spelling and phonics page.

Math:Complete math pages
We have started a geometry chapter. We will learn about plane and geometric shapes.

Please send in a small empty plastic water bottle for our recycling projects.
Story of the week: Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats  genre: realistic fiction
Skills: compound words
          phonics: u spelled ew, ue, and ui (ex. few, blue, suit)
comprehension: character, setting and plot

READ the Family Times for ideas and extra ways to help your child.
Have your child read decodables, timed reading, story of the week,  parents initial Read and Respond and students complete spelling practice  pg.
89/90--tough words for the spelling test this week!


Complete worksheets 27, 28, 48, and 50.
We will begin a Geometry Chapter this week.


We will write about how we can take care of the Earth on Earth Day. We will begin our unit on recycling by creating art with plastic bottles, egg cartons, and paper towel/ toilet paper rolls.

Science Rotations

During the next two weeks we will be participating in science rotations. Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Crunelle will be hosting us in their rooms and teaching us about different habitats. Mrs. Cook will teach us about the grasslands, Mrs. Crunelle will teach us about deserts and Mrs. Charton will teach us about the ocean. We will display all our wonderful work during Open House at the end of May.

Story of the Week: The Lady in the Moon   genre: realistic fiction

Skills:  Spelling: Long i spelled with ie (two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking)
                        and igh also spells the long i sound.

           Phonics: n sound spelled with kn (ex. know, knew, knock, etc.)
                         r  sound spelled with wr (ex. wrong, wreck, wrap, etc.)
 comprehension: Details and facts

Read decodable books, the story of the week, and complete the timed reading for M-W only.
Ask you child the quest
ions on the READ and RESPOND sheet  and initial.
complete spelling practice page 87, 88 


We will test on chapter 10 this week and then start a chapter on reading graphs and charts.
Complete math pages 155, 161, and 162.

We will continue taking timed tests. We are trying to use the tools we have learned in addition and subtraction
to help us complete the test correctly in 3 minutes. Sets of completed and graded tests were sent home before spring break. Hopefully this will help your child master these facts. Let me know if you need more tests.

Things needed for class:
In honor of Earth Day, we will be doing a recycling unit that
will be displayed at Open House.
If you have paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls please send them in. We also need card box egg cartons and each child will need to recycle a water bottle. We will be creating  master pieces with these items.

Story: A Trip to Washington, D.C.  genre: expository nonfiction
What treasures can we find in our country?

Skills: phonics and spelling- Long o spelled with oa and ow
          three letter consonant blends ( ex. words that start with scr, spl, squ, str, spr)

          comprehension skill:  Details and facts
Complete the daily timed reading, read the decodables and story of the week on Wed and/or Thurs. and sign the white read and respond sheet.
Complete spelling 83, 84 and phonics 85, 86


We are working on chapter 10. We learned to add three numbers. We will continue to add and subtract higher numbers  with all of our strategies we have learned.

Complete pages 157-160
Timed math facts: We started timed tests last week. The students are given 3 minutes to complete 36 math fact problems. It begins with easy facts of addition to 5 and will increase in difficulties to addition and subtraction combinations of sums to 20. The corrected tests taken so far will come home in the Friday folder so that you may see your child's progress.

Social Studies
We are learning about transportation from the past. We have made a time line.

We have just finished our unit on the seasons. The unit test will be coming home this Friday in the Friday folder.


We will complete a cold write story on a dot we find on the playground.
We continue to journal write during the week. We will write a thank you note to Mrs. Kelly for buying the first grade reading materials.


Please join us on this Thursday in room 27 from 8:30 to 9:30. You can see how the children have been enjoying wonderful music class taught by Mrs. Patsy. Please sign in at the office.

Our Garden

We planted a garden two weeks ago.  We planted cucumbers, radishes, carrots and flowers. The kids are watering it and watching  it carefully. We see it has started to sprout!
Very exciting!

Castaic Water Agency

On Tuesday we had the Castaic Water Agency visit our classroom. They had a presentation for us and taught us about the water cycle. We made bracelets that represent what we learned. We also performed a play about the water cycle. Thank you Mrs. Crunelle for scheduling this program.
Spring Break

Enjoy spring break! If you would like a  copy of the first grade sight word list so that your child can study  during the break, please let me know. There are already 10 members in that are Sight Word Queen and Kings. : Kierstyn, Nicolas, Esteban, Jocelyn, Malik, Ryan, Eyan, Emily, Ehren, Sierra!!

Question of the week: What treasures can we create?
Story: The Dot- genre realistic fiction
Skills: Long e Spelled ea ("two vowels go walking the first one does the talking")
          inflected endings: remove the y from a word  and add  and ending
                                     example: the y in happy becomes an i in happier, happiest, happier
Comprehension skill: Draw conclusion

Read decodables, read the Dot, answer the read and respond question
Complete spelling page and phonics page

Complete the two math worksheets. We have started Chapter 10. We will be adding and subtrac
Our new unit 4 theme is "What Do We Treasure?".
Question of the week: "How can a surprise be a treasure?"
Story: Mama's Birthday Surprise-- genre: realistic fiction
We will learn about the long a spelled with ai(sail, mail, train, main)  and ay(say, lay, sway, tray)
Cute saying to remember long vowels: "when two vowels go walking-- the first one does the talking so  with ai--the a says a and i is silent

We will also learn about  possessives:
the apostrophe and s in a possessives tells you that something belongs to one person or thing

(Ex. girl's book, dad's truck, boy's pants)
When a possessive ends with s and means "more than one," the apostrophe comes after the s
(Ex. whales' song, birds' cage,
girls' books (all girls not just one).

Comprehension Skill:

Drawing conclusions

Dont forget to look at the small Family Times folded magazine in the homework packet- it reviews all of the skills stated above plus gives you activities that can enrich understanding.

Reading for the week: Complete the timed reading twice everyday,  decodables,  and story of the week. The white sheet provides the spelling words, sight words, and advanced vocabulary. Initial the read and respond portion of this sheet.
Do pages
67, 75


Complete pages 141, and the other 3 review skills
We are completing a small unit on an inch worm (measurement) and we will begin addition and subtraction to 20 this week (chapter 10).

Social studies

We are still learning about the past and will complete a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast.
Mrs. Charton will expose the students to cultural foods: we will be making
nuelos (like the ones served in "Mama's Birthday Surprise"). The students will learn to write a recipe so you can make them at home.


Mrs. Crunelle will continue teaching us about the seasons. We will compare and contrast the seasons.


Mrs. Cook taught us to make mosaic rainbows and this week we will draw Frog and Toad.
Mrs. Patsy continues to teach us fun songs and exploration of different instrument.


We will practice letter writing skills this week.

Career Day

Special thank yous  go out to Officer Piantanida and District Attorney Piantanida ( Eva's parents),
Writer- Mrs Hoffman, Librarian/magician- Mr. Hoffman
(Julina's parents),
and Banker Mr. Vartanian (Nella's dad). They were all very informative and made our Career Day very valuable! If you would like to come in and talk about your career, please let me know.


It was a pleasure meeting with all of you! We only have a few more months of first grade. Please continue to be an awesome partner with me so that your child can soar and be ready for next year.

Penny Wars

Please read the flyer in the homework folder regarding this easy and valuable fundraiser--

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

The tricky and silly leprechaun left us goodies. Ask your child about the magical leprechaun
serum that makes us amazing readers!!!

This week we will not begin a new story. Students will get a new Unit 4 book next week.
For homework your child is getting a script from a reader's theater play with a highlighted part. Your child should practice reading the highlighted part. You can help by reading the rest of the parts. PLEASE KEEP THE SCRIPT IN THE BACKPACK FOR DAILY PRACTICE :)

The only reading assessment this week will be the Unit 3 sight word list (pink sheet).

Sight word Queen and King Club:
The following students know all of their entire first grade sight word list and have visited
Mrs. Kelly's  for the "happy dance"!
Congratulations : Kierstyn, Nicolas, Esteban, Jocelyn, Ehren,  Eyan,
Emily, and Ryan!


For homework complete the worksheets. We will be completing the chapter on Measurement this week and continuing on addition to 20 in Chapter 10.

The regular homework schedule will return next week.

Social Studies:

We are learning about life long ago. We will make a flip book to compare present and past objects.

Mrs. Cruenelle is teaching us about the seasons.

Mrs. Cook has taught us about Faith Ringgold. We made a beautiful quilt like masterpiece. Mrs. Kelly brought in her quilts to show us her work. We wrote her thank you cards.  Mrs. Charton taught us how to make a self portrait.
We have started a music program every Thursday. Mrs. Patsy is teaching us about rhythm and tempo. We also played instruments and sang a lot of fun songs.

Thank you Mrs. Mobley, Mrs. Hoffman, and Mrs. Estes for the glue sticks!

Story of the week: Where Are My Animal Friends? genre: play
Skills for the week:  comparative endings: er, est
                              j sound spelled with dge
                              comprehension- steps in a process

Homework: Read 4 decodables, read the play and have fun! Ask the question on the white read and respond. Complete page 70/71 and 55/56

We are working on a chapter of Measurement. We will be measuring objects with nonstandard
Homework: Complete both math pages.

Sight Words: Continue to practice the sight words. Testing for unit 3 will take place during the next two weeks. Also, we have started the Sight Words Champions Club

Students that can read the entire first grade list (yellow list in the plastic protector inside the homework folder)will have the opportunity to get recognized by Mrs. Kelly. We have 4 champions as of this week! Congratulations:  Kierstyn ,Nicolas, Esteban, and Jocelyn :)

Dr. Seuss: We had fun and enjoyed our breakfast of Green Eggs with toast! Thank you to Mrs. Cordola, Mrs. Roberts, and Mrs. Lofgren, and Mrs. Metlen for helping us with this yummy breakfast!

My Birthday!
Thank you for your good wishes, beautiful cards, and generous gifts. I continue to be blessed by your generosity.



    Homework updated regularly.