Our new unit 4 theme is "What Do We Treasure?".
Question of the week: "How can a surprise be a treasure?"
Story: Mama's Birthday Surprise-- genre: realistic fiction
We will learn about the long a spelled with ai(sail, mail, train, main)  and ay(say, lay, sway, tray)
Cute saying to remember long vowels: "when two vowels go walking-- the first one does the talking so  with ai--the a says a and i is silent

We will also learn about  possessives:
the apostrophe and s in a possessives tells you that something belongs to one person or thing

(Ex. girl's book, dad's truck, boy's pants)
When a possessive ends with s and means "more than one," the apostrophe comes after the s
(Ex. whales' song, birds' cage,
girls' books (all girls not just one).

Comprehension Skill:

Drawing conclusions

Dont forget to look at the small Family Times folded magazine in the homework packet- it reviews all of the skills stated above plus gives you activities that can enrich understanding.

Reading for the week: Complete the timed reading twice everyday,  decodables,  and story of the week. The white sheet provides the spelling words, sight words, and advanced vocabulary. Initial the read and respond portion of this sheet.
Do pages
67, 75


Complete pages 141, and the other 3 review skills
We are completing a small unit on an inch worm (measurement) and we will begin addition and subtraction to 20 this week (chapter 10).

Social studies

We are still learning about the past and will complete a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast.
Mrs. Charton will expose the students to cultural foods: we will be making
nuelos (like the ones served in "Mama's Birthday Surprise"). The students will learn to write a recipe so you can make them at home.


Mrs. Crunelle will continue teaching us about the seasons. We will compare and contrast the seasons.


Mrs. Cook taught us to make mosaic rainbows and this week we will draw Frog and Toad.
Mrs. Patsy continues to teach us fun songs and exploration of different instrument.


We will practice letter writing skills this week.

Career Day

Special thank yous  go out to Officer Piantanida and District Attorney Piantanida ( Eva's parents),
Writer- Mrs Hoffman, Librarian/magician- Mr. Hoffman
(Julina's parents),
and Banker Mr. Vartanian (Nella's dad). They were all very informative and made our Career Day very valuable! If you would like to come in and talk about your career, please let me know.


It was a pleasure meeting with all of you! We only have a few more months of first grade. Please continue to be an awesome partner with me so that your child can soar and be ready for next year.

Penny Wars

Please read the flyer in the homework folder regarding this easy and valuable fundraiser--

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

The tricky and silly leprechaun left us goodies. Ask your child about the magical leprechaun
serum that makes us amazing readers!!!



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