Story of the Week: The Lady in the Moon   genre: realistic fiction

Skills:  Spelling: Long i spelled with ie (two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking)
                        and igh also spells the long i sound.

           Phonics: n sound spelled with kn (ex. know, knew, knock, etc.)
                         r  sound spelled with wr (ex. wrong, wreck, wrap, etc.)
 comprehension: Details and facts

Read decodable books, the story of the week, and complete the timed reading for M-W only.
Ask you child the quest
ions on the READ and RESPOND sheet  and initial.
complete spelling practice page 87, 88 


We will test on chapter 10 this week and then start a chapter on reading graphs and charts.
Complete math pages 155, 161, and 162.

We will continue taking timed tests. We are trying to use the tools we have learned in addition and subtraction
to help us complete the test correctly in 3 minutes. Sets of completed and graded tests were sent home before spring break. Hopefully this will help your child master these facts. Let me know if you need more tests.

Things needed for class:
In honor of Earth Day, we will be doing a recycling unit that
will be displayed at Open House.
If you have paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls please send them in. We also need card box egg cartons and each child will need to recycle a water bottle. We will be creating  master pieces with these items.



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