Story: A Trip to Washington, D.C.  genre: expository nonfiction
What treasures can we find in our country?

Skills: phonics and spelling- Long o spelled with oa and ow
          three letter consonant blends ( ex. words that start with scr, spl, squ, str, spr)

          comprehension skill:  Details and facts
Complete the daily timed reading, read the decodables and story of the week on Wed and/or Thurs. and sign the white read and respond sheet.
Complete spelling 83, 84 and phonics 85, 86


We are working on chapter 10. We learned to add three numbers. We will continue to add and subtract higher numbers  with all of our strategies we have learned.

Complete pages 157-160
Timed math facts: We started timed tests last week. The students are given 3 minutes to complete 36 math fact problems. It begins with easy facts of addition to 5 and will increase in difficulties to addition and subtraction combinations of sums to 20. The corrected tests taken so far will come home in the Friday folder so that you may see your child's progress.

Social Studies
We are learning about transportation from the past. We have made a time line.

We have just finished our unit on the seasons. The unit test will be coming home this Friday in the Friday folder.


We will complete a cold write story on a dot we find on the playground.
We continue to journal write during the week. We will write a thank you note to Mrs. Kelly for buying the first grade reading materials.


Please join us on this Thursday in room 27 from 8:30 to 9:30. You can see how the children have been enjoying wonderful music class taught by Mrs. Patsy. Please sign in at the office.

Our Garden

We planted a garden two weeks ago.  We planted cucumbers, radishes, carrots and flowers. The kids are watering it and watching  it carefully. We see it has started to sprout!
Very exciting!

Castaic Water Agency

On Tuesday we had the Castaic Water Agency visit our classroom. They had a presentation for us and taught us about the water cycle. We made bracelets that represent what we learned. We also performed a play about the water cycle. Thank you Mrs. Crunelle for scheduling this program.
Spring Break

Enjoy spring break! If you would like a  copy of the first grade sight word list so that your child can study  during the break, please let me know. There are already 10 members in that are Sight Word Queen and Kings. : Kierstyn, Nicolas, Esteban, Jocelyn, Malik, Ryan, Eyan, Emily, Ehren, Sierra!!



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