Reading: Mole and the Baby Bird   genre: animal fantasy

Skills: /ou/ spelled ou (our, mouth, house, ouch, round)
          syllables Vowel-consonant-Vowel
Comprehension skill: sequence

We will start a chapter on place value. Students will also learn how to add double digit             addition without regrouping.
Science rotations: We are finishing our science unit on habitats. We will display all of our work at Open House. Please plan to visit the classroom on May 29th.

Sight Word Clubs:
Congratulations to all of the sight word champions! 22 out of the 25 students have mastered all of the first grade sight words! Thanks for your support! We will continue to encourage those who are ready to move up the sight word clubs. A third of the class is ready to test on the 400 sight word list!!  Very impressive!!

Field Trip
: Our trip is on Thursday, May 15. We have over 15 parent attending! Thank you ! We will try to have as many parents go on the bus. If you prefer to follow us in your car that would be perfect. Remember, no siblings are allowed to go on our trip. Please bring your own lunch and if you want to order from the cafeteria, Monday is the last day you can purchase
 a sack lunch.



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