Question of the week: How do places change?
Story of the week: A Place to Play--genre: realistic fiction
Skills:Long i and long e sound spelled y (my, shy, handy, puppy) and long o spelled o (so,hello)
Comprehension skills: Sequence
In the packet this week you will find a green paper that contains the timed reading story and the record sheet. You will need a stop watch and some patience to time your child twice for a  minute each session. . Give the story side of the paper to your child  and just have your child start reading it. Do not review it first, it is a cold reading. If your child gets stuck on a word, give him/her the word if it is not read within 3 seconds. Count it as an error. After a minute count the number of words read and subtract the number of errors. Record the number of errors and fill in the graph. Time your child twice and watch for growth. At this point, if your child is reading 20-30 words per minute he or she is at grade level. We are aiming for 45 to 55 by the end of first grade. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this new  homework. Usually first graders like this challenge, present it positively so that your child will not stress.

Complete spelling/phonics page and read all decodables and the story in our new Unit 3 book.

We continue to work with place value. Please complete the math sheet.

Social Studies
We will learn about Chinese New Year this week. It is the year of the Horse. Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Happy New Year!)

Mrs. Crunelle will start a unit on Weather

Mrs. Cook is teaching Meet the Masters, famous artist. This week she will take a break and create a cute bumblebee in honor of the story Honey Bees.



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