Homework assigned will be due on Friday, August 30th (except for oral report)
  • Reading- The small reader will be going home along with the homework folder.Follow the  daily reading assignments on the yellow reading log. Initial the log after                  listening  to your child read.
         RETURN  the book to class DAILY please. We use it in class.

         Initial the white sheet after asking your child  the question about "the setting" of a                      story. You can ask this question on Wednesday or Thursday when you read the story of          the week.
         Complete the phonics page.

  • Math- Complete the worksheets

  • Oral Report- Will be due in two weeks. I encourage you to add a prop to go with the oral report. Make a  poster or a drawing. Have your child practice holding the prop and saying the report  in front of a mirror.
  • Please sign the PTA reflection page if it is in your homework folder. We will be submitting a picture and if it is selected for future judging I need your permission. Only fill in the front of the page. Thanks!




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