Story of the week: "Sam Come Back"
  • Read the decodables and the story in the new book. Initial the yellow reading log. Please make sure that the hardbound book is covered (do not use contact paper or tape/glue).
  •  Read and Respond Sheet--this week we start the spelling tests. As you can see, there is a list of very easy short a  words. The bonus words did not appear on the spelling list this week-- they are way and come. These are high frequency words that your child must memorize for the spelling test as well.
    Choose two activities that will help your child spell the words correctly and initial. It is optional for you to turn in  this work in the Friday Homework folder. Ask your child the "read and respond"question and initial that portion of the sheet.
  • Phonics page 67, 68--complete page.
  • Complete all of the math pages.
  • Not enough homework? Use the Family Times daily ideas to enrich your child. Play the game as well. Practice skills on the websites provided at the goal setting conference.
Other Important Information:
Book It Program- Starting Oct. 1 please have your child color the Book It reading log I gave you at the goal setting conference. At the end of October turn it in so that your child can be in the Book It Club and earn a free individual pizza for Pizza Hut. If you lost the paper please ask me for a new one :0).

Pet pictures- If you can, please send a picture of your family pet this week so that your child may share it with the class. If you do not have a pet, your child can draw a picture of a pet he or she would want to adopt.

PTA- Hurray! We reached  100% in  membership participation! Thank you! We have a beautiful poster on our door to prove it!!:)
Our first fundraiser--please turn in all Walk-a-thon money by Wednesday. If you would like to help with the Walk-a-thon click on my contacts on the home page and go on the PTA website
for more information.

Reflections- We will complete the art entries this week and turn them in for judging.

Fall Break- Enjoy your family time! Have fun!



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