Story of the week: "Pig in a Wig",
Question of the week: Who helps animals?
Skills of the week:
phonics and spelling : short i spelled i and  /ks/ sound spelled with an x
comprehension skill: compare and contrast
  • Read Decodables, story of the week, and answer the read and respond question.
  • Practice your spelling list, notice the  spelling and phonics rules:  writing words with short i words and words that end with x. Also practice the two bonus words.
  • Complete spelling and phonics pages.
 Complete the math worksheets and touch math page.
Oral Report
Have fun with your Halloween riddle. Make sure that your child does not show their riddle doll  to any one. This will make the guessing more fun! Please let me know what day your child will be presenting.
Have your child start with an opening sentence and end with a final thank you closing sentence for the audience.

This Wednesday is the  Plum Canyon Walk-a-thon. Please make sure that your child wears comfortable tennis shoes.  Also please apply sunscreen if necessary. Our scheduled time is 8:35 to 9:20 am. We will be stretching and then walking for 20 minutes. Come join if you would like.

Disaster Drill this Friday
This Friday there will be a school wide disaster drill practice at 1:30. Students will be practicing what to do in case of an earthquake.

Special Pumpkin Science Project
You may send in the small pumpkin anytime. Let me know if it will be difficult for you to get a pumpkin. I will try to purchase extras. Also, your child will be bringing this pumpkin back home.



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