Story of the week: "Get the Egg!"
Question of the week: Which wild animals live in our neighborhood?
Reading Skills of the week: short e and initial  consonant blends
comprehension skill: Main Idea
  • Reading log: Read decodables 42-47 and read "Get the Egg!" on Wednesday evening and initial the boxes. Ask  your students the read and respond question and initial paper.
  • Complete the spelling worksheet page 19 and the phonics page 107, 108
Math Homework:
Skills of this week: We have started subtraction strategies
  • Review addition skills with an emphasis on doubles and doubles plus one strategies. Also ask your child about our addition tool belt.
  • Doubles facts testing will begin this week (2+2=  3+3= 4+
  • Also review subtraction stories pg. 39, 40



Teresa Mobley
11/08/2013 11:07pm

You are fantastic!!


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