Story of the week: A Storm Comes-genre: narrative nonfiction
question of the week: How does weather change?
skills: adding inflected endings such as -ed and -ing   and words with the ar sound
         we are learning about the "bossy controlling R". Ask your child to tell you the story
         of this mean letter that bullies the vowels.
comprehension skill: sequence (ask questions using: first, next, and last)
Read the Family Times small newsprint page in the homework packet, it gives you fantastic ideas to enrich your child with the skills being taught in class. It also ,always, provides a game for you to use for reinforcement.

homework-complete spelling page 63

We are working on the chapter on time-students have learned how to tell time to the hour on an analog clock. This week we will practice telling time to the half an hour.
homework-complete the math sheet 129

This homework packet is lighter to give you an opportunity to work on the oral report due this week. Also you can really concentrate on helping your child memorize the sight words as well.
The timed reading logs are coming in with very impressive results! I will be doing a timed reading test in the beginning of March to show you how your child is progressing in the classroom. I will share it at conference time.


Our amazing room parents (Mrs. Cordola, Mrs. Metlen, Mrs. Roberts) planned a terrific week for teacher appreciation. Come in and see the wonderful decorations that they placed on my doors. The Charton doors are the talk of the school!!The artistic Mr. Metlen assisted the room parents and created an amazing picture of Mrs. Charton with all of her adorable cupcakes (the students). I love it!!!
And thanks to all of you for all the wonderful gifts, yummy treats,and priceless notes. You are truly amazing and I thank you and your children from the bottom of my heart!

Friday, February 28
The entire school will be celebrating Read to Me Day. We will be visiting other classrooms and sharing our favorite Dr. Seuss book. Please have your child choose a Dr. Seuss book and practice reading a few pages that he or she will read to other students during this fun day. I have many books in class if you need to borrow one, please let me know.
Also, first grade will celebrate Dr. Seuss Day on this day. We will be eating Green Eggs ! (10:15 to 11:15).
We will be needing some materials to make this happen. Please contact the room parents if you would like to contribute (milk, toast, butter, plates, forks, cups, orange juice, waters) Thank you!

 Other Materials needed for the class:
Glue sticks




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