Story of the week: Honey Bees 
  • Talking about how a community of insects is like a community of people.
  • Learning about Long e spelled e__e (ex. Pete) , spelled e (ex. be) and spelled ee (ex. feet).
  • Learning about VCCV (vowel, consonant, consonant, vowels words-ex. mitten)
  • Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast (looking for similarities and differences)
Reading Homework: Please have your child read the three decodables #68-70
                              Read the story Honey Bees-remember you have 2 days to read it. You
may choose to read with your child one day (you read a page, your child reads a page) and the next day your child can try reading it independently.
Ask the question in the read and respond white paper and initial.

Complete the spelling page an the phonics page.
We are working on Numbers to 120 in chapter 8. We are exploring tens and ones and working with the hundred chart. We continue to strengthen our
number sense.
Complete the two math pages of word problems.

Other important information:
You can go on our reading website so that your child may explore and continue to learn  reading skills at home. I have given everyone their password to log on (see highlighted white sheet in the homework folder). Your child learned to log on with the help of Mrs. Mobley's class. Thanks to Mrs. Mobley for making this possible! The decodables and some stories are on line too!

One minute timed reading homework
Next week we will start a new reading unit. Your child will bring book 3. You will notice that  there will be a new homework component.  We will begin one minute timed reading. The green sheet in the homework folder will explain the process. As I told you in the goal setting conferences,
by the end of first grade, your child should be reading 45 to 65 words a minute. With reading, practice makes perfect :0



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