Story of the week: Who Works Here? Genre: Expository Nonfiction story
Question of the week: Who Works to make our community a nice place?
Reading Skills: Long i spelled i_e
                     /hw sound/ spelled wh
                    /ch sound/ spelled ch and tch
Comprehension Skill: Author's purpose

Please read decodables 60-63 and choose Wed. or/and Thurs. to read Who Works Here?
Do not forget to initial the question of the week on the white read and respond sheet.

Complete the spelling page.

Skills: subtraction strategies and fact families -will test this week and begin a Data math chapter.
Make sure your child understands the fact families homework page 62.  The test will cover this material this week.

Oral Report: Many of your children  have told me you have started your family traditions
oral report. Many have not, you have until this Friday to present. Props are always exciting to use. Can't wait to hear the wonderful traditions.

Other important messages:

  • As you have noticed, long vowel sounds are being taught. If your child is having difficulties with this concept, you must help me support the gaps. Each week we are doing a new long vowel sound. Please reinforce that the e (magic/bossy e)  at the end of a word tells the vowel before to say its name
    (ex. a_e= lake and i_e= Mike). They have also learned that the ce and the ci say the s sound  (ex. mice) and the ge and gi say the j sound (ex. cage). 
    Last week's spelling tests covered these sounds and the long a sound, many students did poorly. Please notice the reading skills above for this week's test and reinforece them at home. Reading will be getting gradually more difficult and if your child is having problems, he or she will become overwhelmed and fall behind. 
  •  On a good note, no regular homework next week, just a special project is due on Wednesday 12/18/13. This project is a secret holiday card.  Your child will need to make a homemade holiday card for a friend. You will receive the name of the student on Monday. Have your child keep it a secret until the holiday party where he or she will present it to his/her secret pal. This is a sweet and kind way to acknowledge each child in class.
  • We are studying community helpers, if you would like to come in first thing in the am and spend 10-15 minutes talking about how you help the community, please let me know. We would love to hear our community workers share their knowledge.
  • VIP Day -Dec. 19 from 7:45 am to 8:30 - come and hang out with your child at school and wait for a surprise visitor for all of the good children at Plum, lastly stay for our holiday party.
  • Holiday Pajama Party- Thurs. Dec. 19 from 9 am to 10 am. You are all invited! The wonderful room moms have some fun and exciting activities planned.They will send a letter with more details soon. We will be asking for a $ donation to cover all of the expenses. Thanks in advance!



12/10/2013 5:41am

This is so helpful! Thank you! I know its hard to keep up all these forms of communication, but you're doing really well with it. It helps me as a parent so much!


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