Story of the week: "The Big Blue Ox" (genre:Animal Fantasy)
Question of the week: How do animals help people?
Skills of the week:
Phonics/spelling: short o spelled o and  /z/ sound spelled s and plurals
comprehension skills: Character/setting
  • Read the two decodables, free choice title, "The  Big Blue Ox", and "They Can Help". And continue to practice your unit 1 sight word list.
  • Read and Respond Sheet--practice spelling words and notice the skill (short o words). Memorize the spelling of the two bonus words for the test. Initial the read and respond question after reading "The Big Blue Ox". What two activities are you using to practice spelling? Please initial.
  • Complete the spelling and phonics worksheets
Math We are working on Chapter 5- Addition Strategies to 12.
Strategies used in this chapter: count on, adding with a number line, doubles, and using doubles plus one.
  • complete the math sheets, you may need to assist with the problem solving pages.

Oral report Looking forward to guessing the Halloween Riddles!

Pumpkin Project Thank you for sending in your pumpkin. We will be having fun with Pumpkin Science next week!

Walk-a-thon We had fun walking last Wednesday! Thank you for helping our school raise over 20 thousand dollars!

Family Fun Night Please join us this Friday for the Monster Mash! Students can wear their costumes (no weapons!). I will be looking for all of my wonderful students.

Materials Needed in Class (THANK YOU!):
Thin flimsy type paper plates (small and large)
large zip loc bags
Glue sticks
small toys for the treasure chest (dollar tree/99



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